Diseño de plataformas online

How long will it take to make the platform?

It will always depend on the complexity of it, however, due to the number of developments and different business models that we have already made and accompanied throughout our career, we can guarantee a very agile and above all, efficient development.

As a client, will I be able to see a follow-up of the project process?

Of course. All our clients have access to a space where they can see the current status of their platform. Furthermore, every Friday they will receive a report with all the details of what has been done so far and what will be done the following week.

Could you split the payment of the budget?

Yes, we always offer payment facilities to our clients, obviously adjusting to specific conditions.

Technology Consulting

Do you guarantee that technological consulting with Mincet improves results?

Undoubtedly, having an expert consultant with experience within your project will increase the chance of your success rate. The reason for this is simple, "he has already done it before", he has already worked with hundreds of companies that have developed technological products, and most importantly, he has accompanied them in their adventure. In short, a technology consultant will accelerate your success and improve the results of your company.

How many sessions should I hire for my project?

It always depends on the state of the project, as a rule, in a newly created project in its seed-stage, it does not take more than four sessions to channel the whole project in the right direction and to implement a plan that can go ahead in a straight line. For companies already established in the market, the incorporation of a consultant is recommended for a period between approximately thirty and ninety days. It is the time that is required to be immersed in the organization and be able to provide the value that is required.

CTO / Technology Management

I'm not happy with the performance of my development team, is it possible that I need a CTO?

The answer is yes. It is a very common mistake to think that anyone can lead, we are no longer saying to a single programmer, but rather to a programming team. It is a task that ends up becoming a nightmare. It is as if you wanted to construct a building and did not have in-depth knowledge about the different materials that could be used, tools, processes, obstacles and a long etcetera that only that with experience as CTO could understand. The CTO or technology director does not have to know how to program, understands programming and speak the same language as the developers. In short, the concept of understanding this could save your business.

But then, what exactly does the CTO do?

The CTO or technology director listens to the needs of the project, channels and manages them efficiently. He transmits the vision to the work group, plans, coordinates and supervises them. He offers internal support and provides them strategy. In other words, he optimizes the results of the department.


What is a Devops?

Yes, we know that sounds like Robocop or some kind of machine of the future, but no, it’s a qualified person with an extraordinary knowledge of systems management and technical operations.

What exactly does the Devops do?

According to Rob Steward, vice president of product development for Progress Software, “A good DevOps practice will free up developers to focus on doing what they do best: writing software. DevOps eliminates the work and worries of putting the software into production once it is written.”

Does Devops make sense in my project?

It depends on the magnitude of your project, but if it is a medium-sized or large project, we certainly think so. A startup or a product company needs to move very fast and respond to change, and DevOps is the ideal figure for it.

Web Developers, Analysts and Architecture Designers

What is the difference between a web developer and an analyst?

The main difference between a web developer and an analyst is that the analyst can assume the position of programmer but also that of analyst within the company. The analyst besides programming is the one that makes contact with the client to collect the requirements, possible restrictions, etc., in order to elaborate an analysis of the project and propose a design.

What does an analyst / architect do?

He elaborates an analysis of the project and proposes a design for the platform, as well as a series of diagrams, plans (as some call them, that is why sometimes an analogy is made with an Architect, in fact some companies call them this way) and send this information to the programmer. He usually directs how the design and the programming is carried out in addition to cracking the code if it is needed, checking the conflicting areas and urgencies, etc.

Do I need an architect for my project?

It depends on the size and seriousness with which you decide to face your business. The architect is the one who accompanies the programming team, drawing on a graphic plan of the use cases and the internal processes that the platform houses. In this case, the work of an architect is seen as a general plan of the platform, something like the general plan of a building. Such work will serve to make development ever more agile and accurate.

Technological partner

Can I count on the Mincet staff to develop my project as a partner?

We are always willing to listen to your idea and/ or project. We love to surround ourselves with entrepreneurs with a desire to change the world. However, although we would like to be able to do so, we cannot work as partners with all of them, that is why once we have obtained the necessary information about the project, we will determine whether it is one of the projects in which Mincet has chosen to invest its time and money.

How much will the project cost?

In principle, the cost is reduced to zero, because it is understood that Mincet will charge as a partner, that is, in shares of the company. Nevertheless, everything will depend on the final negotiation.

What will I receive as a partner with Mincet?

You will receive the technical, design and business development resources that your project needs. From a web designer, to a developer, analyst, architect, director and expert consultant in technology and business development. We do not cut ourselves short when it comes to giving you value

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